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If we discover that data is no longer required for any of the purposes for which it has been processed, we will dispose of the data. Internally, however, in relation to certain purposes for personal data processing, we have already assessed a typical period of usability for data, during which we carefully assess the need to process the relevant personal data for the given purpose. In this regard, it also applies that personal data processed for the purposes of:. Clients are not obliged to grant our company their consent to the processing of personal data and, at the same time, are entitled to withdraw their consent.

We remind you that we are authorised to process some personal data for particular purposes without consent. Should you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data, please contact us in writing at the company address ADDLAND, s. If you ask us for information concerning personal data processing, we will provide you with all information on which of your data we are processing without undue delay.

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For the provision of such information, we are entitled to request proportionate reimbursement of costs invested for that purpose. If you discover or suspect that our company or a third party which participates in data processing is carrying out personal data processing in a manner which contravenes the protection of your private life or is in violation of the law, especially if such data is inaccurate, you can:. If necessary, such data may be temporarily blocked or disposed of.

If we find your request to be justified, our company or the third party which participates in data processing shall rectify the situation promptly and free of charge.

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As part of customer care, our company develops technology so that you can make use of our products and services using modern electronic means of communication and mobile applications. This particularly concerns services connected with the use of the internet, social networks and various mobile applications. At the same time, we are aware of the particular nature of the provision of our products and services, and so we take great care to protect personal data during the use of such media and applications.

Mobile applications.


In this regard, we process selected data concerning a mobile device which you use for Mobile Application services. We process all personal data obtained during the use of a Mobile Application in compliance with the conditions and principles specified in this Information Memorandum. Social Networks. Our company can also address clients via various social networks.

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We mostly use such communications channels as marketing tools. These do not currently serve for the provision of our products and services. If this changes in the future, similar rules shall apply to social networks as in the case of Mobile Applications. Thanks to these files, we are able to more easily identify the way in which visitors to our website work with its content. This helps us to communicate with visitors to our website in a more helpful manner or to target our marketing more effectively. This Information Memorandum shall enter into force and effect as of 24 May Identification data — includes, in particular, some or all of the following data: Other possible identification data includes information on the IP address of a used computer, a specimen signature, or the number of a bank account or credit debit card used to pay for our products and services.

Contact data — contact addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers, or other similar contact data. Essential data for making a decision on entry into a contract — this concerns data which is necessary, above all, for risk assessment as regards prevention of the legitimisation of the proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism, as well as data collected for business risk assessment. Data arising from the performance of contractual obligations — depending on the nature of the provided product or service, we process data which concerns said product or service.

Personal data obtained in connection with the provision of our products and services — this concerns data obtained through mutual interactions. It concerns in particular:. Mobilní aplikace. Jde zejména o:. Les tables peuvent être réservées à You enter the website of Goldfingers Prague. This website may contain sexual or erotic context in image or text form. These pages are intended only to persons of legal age over 18 years in the Czech Republic, in some countries over 21, according to national law. Otherwise, click Exit. This website may contain images or texts, which are the subject of copyright.

Reproduction or distribution in whole or in some part will be deemed as a violation of these copyrights with the consequences associated with it. By accessing the website you also accept the fact that this site uses cookies to evaluate traffic. Aller au contenu principal. Goldfingers Prague.

Book your table. Nom de Famille. Numéro de Téléphone. En envoyant cette reservation, je confirme être en accord avec les conditions de vente et annulation de la société Addland s. Goldfingers Prague: Principles of Personal Data Processing When processing personal data, we honour and respect the highest data protection standards and particularly comply with the following principles: We only process precise personal data and we are certain that its processing corresponds to the established purposes and is essential for fulfilling those purposes; b we protect personal data, which means that we process it in a manner which ensures the highest possible protection of the data and which prevents any kind of unauthorised or accidental access to personal data, changes to the data, loss or destruction, unauthorised transfers, any other unauthorised processing and any other abuse; c we always provide comprehensible information on personal data processing and on requirements for precise and full information on the circumstances of the processing, as well as on other related rights of data subjects; d we take appropriate technical and organisational steps in order to assure a level of security corresponding to the possible risks.

Information on Personal Data Processing 2.

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Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing 2. Processing Personal Data without Consent This generally concerns situations where clients are obliged to submit certain personal data as a condition so that we can provide our product or service, or in cases where we have obtained the authorisation to process personal data by other means. Personal data is required, among other things, for us to implement a transaction without disproportionate legal risks, including for negotiations for entry into a contract or an amendment to a contract; c protection of rights and interests protected by law, especially for: Processing Personal Data with Consent This particularly concerns situations where a client voluntarily grants consent for our company, as the Controller, to process provided or otherwise obtained personal data.

On the basis of granted consent, our company processes personal data for the following purposes: Scope of Processed Personal Data Our company processes personal data in the necessary scope for fulfilling the above specified purposes.

Certain specific personal data categories and the means of their processing: Birth Numbers Birth numbers, if assigned, are processed so that we can implement a transaction without disproportionate legal and material risks for our company. Carte interactive avec le calcul des prix!!! Si un chauffeur de taxi injuste vous persuade que nos clubs sont fermés ou que nous ne disposons pas des filles, etc. Pas vrai! Le chauffeur de taxi essaie de vous emmener là où il obtient une commission de haut, qui vous paiera bien.

Seulement ici, sur notre site, vous trouverez des informations à jour sur les clubs Doux Paradise, le temps et le transport d'ouverture du club. Vous cherchez la bonne fille comme un compagnon pour escorter et ne peut pas le trouver? Les filles et les femmes que vous aimez pour vous accompagner à un dîner romantique aux chandelles, une soirée ou nuit de repos, voyage d'affaires, vacances, escorte de VIP ou la plonger dans les aventures amoureuses pleines de désirs naturels, les passions et les fantasmes! Profitez de ces compagnons d'escorte qui sont disponibles, le temps ensemble, que ce soit dans une question d'heures ou de jours.

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Alors, comment les blondes, les cheveux noirs, les professionnels, les minces, les bien développés, les jeunes attrayants, les jeunes ou les débutants, les débutants frais, les dragées perverses, les modèles et les chatons innocents, tous passionnés et très séduisants! Service d'escorte moderne - ce n'est pas, bien sûr, une prostituée qui offre des relations sexuelles classiques et orales moyennant des frais.

La gamme de services amoureux et dans ce domaine est beaucoup plus large. Le service d'escorte comprend un grand soutien pour les hommes, mais aussi pour les femmes de diverses activités, à la fois lors de réunions d'affaires ou de randonnées ou de touristes de fêtes pour passer des vacances pleines de sexe et d'amour. La fille choisie est venu pour un moment; La façon dont je suis d'accord avec votre agence d'escorte.